Staff and Betas: To Do List

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Staff and Betas: To Do List

Post by Lina on Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:37 am

This is our core to-do list to get the server up and running.

High Priority:
= Write the rules (Both Forum and Server)
= Write Staff Rules
= Forum post-count based ranks need to be done
= Recruit staff and BetaTesters (trusted friends of Lina and Logan)
= Finish Forum necessities (application formats, warp requirements, rank list, etc)
= Build SMP Spawn (Rule board, Donor Hall, Donor Statue Garden, Staff Statue Garden, MV Portal warps, warp to Harsh World, warp to player's shops, public warp list. Possibly a brief history section, and hidden easter eggs. Dungeon underneath used for Time-Out and other jails if needed.)
= Build starter towns and portal warp areas for SMP (minimum 5)
= Travel and render most of the map manually (while searching for prospective portal areas)
= Set up the Nether MVPortal at spawn
= Finish configuring iDisguise permissions for all donor ranks
= Test permissions for all ranks and subranks
= Set up SimpleVote Listener. Link to Minestatus and PMC.
= Decide on Vote rewards
= Decide on a day for our Promotions Ceremony
= Create staff-only forum section
= Create staff plugin reference and training help thread
= Add special staff-given subrank

Medium Priority:
= Create Harsh World. Hard-mode, no kits, no warps, no perks - an even playing field. Shops allowed, but there will be no shop warps. A shop hub may be built near spawn. Map is smaller in relation to SMP.
= Build Harsh Spawn (can be rather simple, must include rule board)
= Test permissions across worlds (money, gamemodes, perks, etc - for all ranks)
= Fix small forum inconsistencies (Icons on subpages need to shrink to fit better within the allotted space)

Low Priority:
= If server fairs well with 2 worlds open, create a small superflat staff world.
= Look into pets, particles, and other cosmetic plugins as potential Donor perks
= Look into other vote site venues
= Build Holiday Event Center
= Server event calendar
= Consider server-wide donation rewards for reaching set goals (limited time customized item kits, limited time server-wide cosmetic donor perk accesses, etc)
= Forum Background redo [Lina]
= Forum Banner redo [Lina]

Very Low Priority:
= Build "Tree Jail"
= Build "Time Out Jail"
*The server is whitelisted we should rarely ever need jails
= Add Herobrine


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