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Post by Lina on Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:28 pm

Important: If you have donated, please post in this thread following your donation. Please include the amount you donated, and any custom prefix/colors you want (if they apply to your donation level). Thank you.

Donations for Sprocket SMP are highly appreciated! All donations go to the server's running costs and help fund future upgrades. This money always goes to the server; never into the pockets of other players, the staff, or even the Owner. The server will never require money to play, donations are purely optional! To show our appreciation, we offer some special perks to our donators.

Donations are cumulative, meaning your donation total (all time) determines which perks you receive. After you donate, please post in this thread. Once the Owner has approved your donation, staff will set up your perks as soon as possible!

We currently offer the following donation packages:

($1 - $4) Talc:
- /hat
- your playerhead will be added to the wall of donators at spawn.

($5) Jade:
- 6 homes (you can set and name home with the /sethome command)
- the prefix [Donor], and the option to make your name dark green

($10) Ruby:
- /kit gold (gold tools!)
- 8 homes
- custom prefix (see Prefix Restrictions below) Can be changed once per month, via staff.

($20) Sapphire:
- 10 homes
- custom colors for your name, brackets, and prefix. Can be changed once per month, via staff.

($30) Emerald:
- 12 homes
- You may choose one text symbol for your prefix if you wish. Can be changed once per month, via staff.
A list of some neat symbols can be found here, but I believe there are other lists as well. Let us know where to find the one you want.

($40) Opal:
- 14 homes
- /workbench
- custom nickname (given by /nick). Can be changed once per month, via staff. Must relate to your current username (you need to be recognizable for the community).

($50) Cinnabar:
- 16 homes
-Your player head will be placed upon an armorstand plaque in the donor hall at spawn. Let staff know what equips you would like your stand to be decorated with - You may also customize the blocks used for its pedestal!
- iDisguise! This lets you disguise yourself as mobs from the game.
Check this link for iDisguise commands
Mobs available at this level: Sheep, Pig, Cow, Chicken, Bat, Squid, Rabbit, Ocelot

($75) Amethyst:
-20 homes
- /enderchest
-More iDisguise!
Mobs available at this level: Zombie, Pig Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Cave Spider, Wolf, Creeper, Enderman, Witch

($100) Alabaster:
- 25 homes
- A statue of your skin will be built in a special garden on display at spawn!
-More iDisguise!
Mobs available at this level: Blaze, Horse, Iron Golem, Magma Cube, Slime, Snowman

($150) Onyx:
- 35 homes
-More iDisguise!
Mobs available at this level: Endermite, Ghast, Guardian, Elder Guardian, Silverfish, Wither (skele)

($200) Xenon:
- 42 homes
-More iDisguise!
Mobs available at this level: Ender Dragon, Charged Creeper, Enderman Holding a Block, Giant Zombie, Giant Slime, Wither Boss


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